Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs

Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs

Luxury and perfection has it all at the LG TVs, the 21st century ultimate entertainment gadget. Major broadcasters, TV makers and content producers are investing heavily on technology. Therefore, there is major revolution on the home entertainment system from the UHD resolution. Smart TV is any television, HD or 4K that is in a position to connect to the web and van run its own internal operating system with an access to other software system.

What is 4K TV? Well this has been the latest entertainment industry jargon. Look no further since LG has tried to bring you closer what it entails and giving you the best televisions in the market. LG 4K TV is title given to any television that offers total pixel count on final resolution than normal HD TV. Indeed, they have the potential technological enhancement with better frames, upscale regular HD video, color palletes and contrast ratios. Let us review the top best LG 4K TVs.


Picture quality; the contrast ratio from the gives a clear self-lighting pixel that gives a breathtaking detail. OLED technology has given a level of contrast infinite and display brightness precision. You can trust its nearness. The images are now vibrant and detailed giving a wide viewing angle. The 55EG9600 is a top performing 4k TV.

It has a classic design giving elegance from its ultra-thin and light frame. It is easy to use and have more fun giving TV experience simpler than before. Its functionality is right with webOS.


2- LG 79UF7700 79’’ 4K ULTRA HD

LED plus local dimming technology has its best in excellent contrast and color. Its best is on the ultra HD 4K resolution is enhanced by the IPS panel display with wide viewing angles. Beyond display features, it has been costumed with in-built speakers, highly precise and versatile Magic remote for interface user. It is a superb webOS smart TV platform with a solid connectivity and 4K content access. The design for this TV is of 79UF7700 with the screen wonderfully thin and perfect for mounting to a wall through VESA apparatus.

3- LG 49UB8200 49’’ 4K ULTRA HD SMART LED

It has been regarded as real stars of the LG Company on 4K lineup. It combines the top quality of the Lg technology engineering. With LG’s ultra-high definition TV with stunning resolution. Connectivity options are complete with compatible features like HEVC, HDCP and internet connectivity. 4K content streaming apps with 4K up scaling. It gives you a full home entertainment package with a complete system. It does provide clear and precise image under home theater entertainment with ultra-clarity. Wireless connectivity is superb which includes Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, and NFC and Ethernet port. LG Magic Wand remote is designed for fast point and click browsing of the content. When it comes to connectivity, the TV gives you a decent package that does not disappoint. Smart share feature built in allows you cast content, photos and videos from the nearby mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It’s solid TV overall

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