Poker Predictor 1

Poker Card Reader

The greatest fears of people playing poker is too be cheated out of their money. The Technology that we have right now is very advanced with all the latest device coming from different countries specially from China. This rumored gadget used for cheating is called Poker Card Reader or sometimes called Poker Analyzer.

The Poker Card Reader will tell you exactly the next card by reading the bar codes on the marked cards. The information will be send to another device which will then be relayed to the player through an earpiece. It works with no limit Hold’em and even to Pot-limit Omaha.

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Poker Watch

AW company release its newly develop watch called the Poker Watch which has a great use for Poker players. This is a very useful gadget which has the capability to connect with other device such phones. It has a very hard touch screen that is pressure sensitive.

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